Kevin Lüdicke (1991) is an illustrator, painter and video artist. He is currently studying Art and Media at the University of Arts.In his work he is experimenting with orders and the complex relationship between reality and perception. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

2017 / "Du bist viele" - Neurotitan Galerie Berlin

2013 / "Urban Art meets Local Heros"  BMW Museum München
2015 / "Whistelblower for Peace“ Yaam Art  Gallery Berlin
2016 / "What The Weekend Is Gallery" Urban Spree Gallery Berlin
2016 / "Paper Works" Santiago de Chile

2017 / "What The Weekend Is Gallery 2" Alte Münze Berlin
2017 / "Form Follows Flower" Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin 

Berliner Liste
Stroke Artfair 

Moving Image 
2016 / "weißgrau" shortfilm with Philip Treschan
2016 / "Mockba" Documentation (Gallery Mario Kreuzberg Berlin)
2018 / "In Process" Dokumentation of the Artist collective "KLub 7"

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